How to Get Clear Skin at Home

Most of us consider skin care to be an important part of our daily regimen. Some people assume that you have to buy those expensive skin care products to achieve this goal. Not true. You can use simple household products to achieve your goals of clearer skin. Below you will find 3 items that can be used by everyone and on a daily basis. The best part is they cost next to nothing.

1) Witch hazel is the first to mention. It acts as an Astringent. I have been using it for the past few years. It wipes away the dead skin. It clears everything up, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and youthful. It costs as little as $2-3 in the store.

2) Epsom salts is a great addition to any bath. I have also been using these for the past few years. The salts open up your pores and clean out all the junk. Soak in this for a half hour or so. Your skin will be lighter and fresher. Your skin will look much younger, not to mention feel softer.

3) Apple cider vinegar. All you do is take some and pour it into a bottle. Dilute it with some water. Mix it up. Take some and apply it to your face. Do this once a day or every other day. Use it when you need to. It will rip out the toxins. Your face will look younger. Your pores will be cleaner. Your blemishes and acne will go down. It works wonders. You can use it on other parts of your body too.

None of these will stop the aging process, but they may help to “slow it down”. You can find all of these online or in your local store.